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Arlington Club (Primary)
Type: clubhouse   Use: Historic   Period: Gilded Age (1869 - 1896)   Style: none defined   Dates (from/to): 1892 - 1910   Related Features: none defined
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city dwellers
rich people
peer groups
cultural institutions

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In 1892, the members of the Arlington Club, consisting of Portland's business elite, formed an Arlington Club Building Association, which built new quarters located at West Park and Alder. The building included a four-lane bowling alley, a billiard room with four tables, coffee shop, dining room, library and reading room. In the interest of economy the members decide to turn off the gas lights in the bowling alley at midnight on Saturdays. For the first time women were formally permitted to enter the clubhouse to attend the opening reception, but were otherwise excluded. Jews and ethnic minorities were disqualified for membership. In 1910, the Club moved to its present headquarters at 811 SW Salmon Street.

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