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Names & Aliases
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Primary)
Crow Agency, MT Primary
Type: monument/marker   Use: Current   Period: Postwar America (1945 - present)   Style: none defined   Dates (from/to): 1946 - open   Related Features: none defined
Type: battle site   Use: Historic   Period: Manifest Destiny (1812 - 1860)   Style: none defined   Dates (from/to): 1876-06-25 - 1876-06-26   Related Features: none defined
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indigenous peoples
military personnel
military science

Investigator's Field Report

General Description
The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, is managed by the National Park Service and memorializes the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn (alternatively known as Custer's Last Stand) as well as the soldiers and warriors who fought there.

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Episode 5: Fear and Loathing on the Little Bighorn (Sound, is referred to in / refers to)

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