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Ancker Hospital Site (Primary)
495 Jefferson Avenue, Saint Paul, MN Primary
Type: hospital   Use: Historic   Period: Gilded Age (1869 - 1896)   Style: none defined   Dates (from/to): 1872 - 1965   Related Features: none defined
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health care
medical treatments
social norms

Investigator's Field Report

The hospital was established in 1872 by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners as City and County Hospital, later growing to a large complex of Victorian institutional buildings that was considered the finest medical facility west of Chicago. In 1923, it was renamed the Ancker Hospital, after its superintendent Dr. Arthur Ancker. In 1965, the old hospital buildings were demolished and it moved to its current location on Jackson St. and University Avenue. In 1997, it was renamed Regions Hospital.

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Podcast Episode 14: Perfume Bootleggers in St. Paul? (Sound, is referred to in / refers to)

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