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Type: Document/Text Created on: 1902 Creator: Annie Edson Taylor
Forgotten Books Publication date: 2018
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Excerpt from Over the Falls: Annie Edson Taylor's Story of Her Trip; How the Horseshoe Fall Was Conquered

In the face of her wonderful accomplishment of having conquered the greatest waterfall in existence, Mrs. Taylor is not unmindful of the history of Niagara, and so it is her wish that this book be dedicated to the memory of the Indian maidens whose lives were sacrificed, as the legends of old tell us, in the days gone by, when it was the custom of the tribes to offer up their fairest daughters to the Great Spirit. As the world has progressed science and invention have demonstrated where mistakes were made in many fields, and it remained for Mrs. Taylor to show that the mistake of the Indian maidens was in trying to conquer Niagara in birch bark canoes instead of in barrels of Kentucky oak. We live to learn.

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